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Webb Gearing Up For The Season

Ever since going down with an injury in week 6 of the 2012 NFL season, Lardarius Webb has been working hard to get back into playing form. The five year veteran has had his fair share of injuries over the years, including a season ending injury in week 8 of his rookie campaign (2009), and was cautious about returning. But Webb has gone through all of the precautionary steps, including rehab, and is now ready to make his return.

Yesterday afternoon, a video popped up on Instagram of Webb enjoying a day at the beach, cherishing the last free time before training camp begins. The memorable line from the video was when he announced, "Yeah, I'm ready." A tweet was also posted by th cornerback which read, "Ready or not here I come!" He's officially named himself the "comeback kid"

Sources told the Baltimore Sun that Webb is ahead of schedule and has made great progress in rehab. This information comes as no surprise seeing as he puts in plenty of hard work and displays great work ethic on the field. There's no doubt that these characteristics transfer into his personal life.

Head coach John Harbaugh had mentioned back in April that Webb should be back in time to start training camp.

It has yet to be decided if Webb will be able to play in the Raven's season opener against the Denver Broncos. But everything is looking up for Webb. It's a possibility that he'll be ready by then. His progress will continue to be monitored throughout the rest of his rehab and in training camp. The 2013 season will be very different with Webb at cornerback. The Ravens cannot wait to get him back.