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Boston Fans Take Over Camden Yards

Taking a bit of a break from analysis here to share with you some of my personal life. I thought this was a story worth telling.

Last night I was at the Orioles game. We went for my little brother's birthday. We had great seats in left field, not too far from Nate McClouth. Unfortunately no homers came our way despite my brother's sign which read "Hit one here, it's my birthday!"

This is a picture of Nate without the zoom. That's how close we were.

We had a blast. Even though the Orioles lost, it was a great game. The Red Sox played a good game, both hitting and defense wise. The game lasted just over three hours and by the time the sixth inning came around, I was ready to go home. I love the Orioles, but it was just going by so slow and no one was getting on base. Not to mention they lost 7-3. It was a slow game.

One thing that really bothered me was how many Boston fans there were. We were literally surrounded by them. There were three sitting next to me, two on the other side of my mom, and at least ten scattered along the row behind us. I understand that we have to share our ballpark with fans from the other team, but it really bugged me. The most annoying part was when they started cheering "Let's go Sox!" All the Orioles fans took to booing at that time, filling Camden Yards with an overwhelming noise.

Come on guys, this is Camden Yards. Stop trying to turn it into Fenway! I wouldn't go to Fenway and start up a "Let's go O's" chant.

If baseball fans were as cutthroat as football fans, I can guarantee there would've been a few fights to break out last night. But baseball fans seem to be more courteous and there was nothing more than a battle of the cheers.

In conclusion, if you are a Red Sox fan, or a Yankees fan, please stay away from my Camden Yards. I'm very protective of her (him? it?). And if you do come, please be less obnoxious. Thanks.