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Leach Back in Black With The Ravens

Not even two days after Dennis Pitta's injury, Vonta Leach returns to the team that gave him his first Super Bowl victory.

The Ravens had let the veteran fullback go after being unsuccessful in negotiations in the off season. After being unsuccessful in the free agent market, Leach returned to Baltimore who signed him to a two year deal. Leach was signing the contract just as practice was ending today, Monday, July 29th.

The hope is that the addition of Leach will open up some more options in the offense. Leach has proven himself a great blocker for running back Ray Rice and has even played his part in successful third-down conversions. He is also a great option in short-yardage situations.

Leach will also be a familiar face, a way for the Ravens fans to associate the "new team" with the "old". With all of the movements in the off season, it seems that the Ravens are a brand new team. Whether they are or not is besides the point. With a face like Leach back, the team will have a familiar feel to it.